A custom tote? Yes, please!


I know you have a million totes…I do too but you need a million and one! They’re great for grocery shopping, going to the gym, carrying your lunch to work, going to the beach, and even carting around pets! I found the ultimate tote and it gives every penny back to charity.

The Shop Forward is a wonderful store that sells shirts, hats, and totes that give back to some incredible organizations. They team up with my iHeartRadio brother and sister, Amy and Bobby from The Bobby Bones Show, to sell their gear! The latest at The Shop Forward is the 4 Things Tote and you’re going to be OBSESSED.

The tote itself is the perfect size, it’s not narrow like most totes, I’d consider it a beach bag-sized bag. And now for the coolest part...your four favorite things! The tote is completely customizable and you’ve for four lines to fill. Mine says “Boss. Travel. Fall Out Boy. French Fries.” They make the best gift too! I got one for my sister that says, “Wine. Luke Bryan. Chicken Parm. Lemon Heavens.” Seriously, the best gift for ANYONE including yourself!

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

You can start creating your own right here