Carla Marie's Small Business Gift Guide: Home/Things

I am so proud of this gift guide. It's full of some of the most unique businesses backed by the most incredible people. Now, more than ever, we need to shop small, support small, and protect small. Our small businesses are the lifeline of our communities. Many of the people in this list were guests on my Side Hustlers podcast and a lot of them left their day jobs to follow their dreams of being a full-time entrepreneur. This list is "Carla Marie Certified" - I have either shopped, visited, or had the owner of the business on my podcast. I've been obsessed with small businesses and discovering new products for years and I am so so excited to share this list with you! This list has some of the best home products and "things" because I couldn't fit "all of the cool stuff that doesn't fall into any of the other categories" in the title. I've also broken some of the small businesses categories; accessories, men, clothing, and PNW businesses. But if you want to see ALL of them this is the place to be.

A lot of these companies are running Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales so I would shop early. Keep in mind, this isn't small business Prime, they will take a little longer to ship because the are small. Give yourself time when ordering.

As you browse the gift guide you'll see I mention the location of most of the businesses, this will help you if you want to shop local to your area or local to the area of the gift recipient.

If you can't support by shopping here are some FREE ways to support that I know ALL of this businesses will love: follow them on Instagram, like their posts when you see them in your feed, comment on their posts with words (emojis don't help the algorithm), share posts with friends who you think will like to see them, and BOOKMARK the post (Instagram weights this very heavy in the Instagram formula). The more people do this for small businesses the more their posts will be shown to others. You're basically giving them free marketing.


Photo Savings

It's hard to find small business electronic stores, but I've got one for ya! We've been getting our equipment for our show from Photo Savings. This is the go-to place for the podcaster or video streamer on your list. From cameras to podcast equipment they have everything you need. We've been using the Zoom Podtrak 4 for the audio of The Carla Marie & Anthony Show and it's been so simple and great!

The Joyful Co.

These are not your grandma's mugs. Based in Cleveland, The Joyful Co. creates mugs for women with inspirational messages and they're also super Instagrammable. Ya can't ask for anything more.

Two Cranes

Created by twins, Hanna and Susan, Two Cranes' Attune CBD is the only CBD that's ever worked for me. Attune works for calming me down, fixing my body aches, healing my skin and had stopped the itching of mosquito bites! I'm such a fan of this company and their all-natural CBD. You can guarantee you won't be putting garbage in your body. I swear by this product and recommend it for ANYONE on your list because #2020. code carlamarie gets you 15% off! Listen to Two Cranes on Side Hustlers!

Wax Cabin Candle Co

Heaven. These candles ARE heaven. Jen, the creator of Wax Cabin Candle Co, started her company from her basement in New Jersey. She's created scents unlike anything you've seen anywhere else like Gin + Tonic! Jen is amazing and supports small business as well, a few years ago she named a candle after my podcast, Side Hustlers!

Seattle Gummy Company

No, not that kind of gummy. Caffeine dummies! Might sound a little crazy at first but these things changed my life. I found out I was allergic to coffee beans in April 2019 and haven't had them since. I struggled to find a replacement for a long time...I needed my caffeine! Then I found Seattle Gummy Company Mocca Shots. HALLELUJAH I could function again. These make an awesome stocking stuffer or get them a monthly subscription. Created by Dr. Connie Wang, this Seattle-based magical gummy will ship nationwide. You can also shop for immunity gummies, beauty dummies, workout gummies, and more! Code CMA gets you 15% off even if you already used another code!

Fists Full of Cake

So much NOM from Fists Full of Cake. Michele's treats are not only LOOK amazing but they taste great and she's got a championship to prove it - earlier this year she won The Food Network's Girl Scout Cookie Championship! She's unbelievably talented, she made a cake for my mom's retirement party and it was a HUGE hit. Earlier this year Michele moved Fists Full of Cake from NJ to Los Angeles - relaunching a business in a new city is not easy but she's crushing it. If you live in the LA area you can order everything from pies to brownies! If you live anywhere, USA there is an entire collection of treats you can order (I'm obsessed with the Brown Butter Charity Krispies).

Joy and Treasure

For the cats and cat lovers on your list! What started out as an Instagram account for two adopted cats and their human sisters turned into a viral sensation and a feel-good cat-gear company. Joy and Treasure were adopted through Beth Stern's foster program which partners with North Shore Animal League (recently adopted is Sparkle Pants). After creating their @JoyandTreasure Instagram so many people fell in love with the endearing videos of two kids and their cats. Recently they launched their Joy and Treasure store where you can shop for cat toys and gear for all of the cat lovers on your list. I'm a big fan of the "no cats on the counter" towel! Plus they donate a portion of proceeds to North Shore Animal League!

The Chalk Boss

She may be famous for her custom handwritten chalk designers but I'm obsessed with this "Hot Mess" sweatshirt. While you're shopping for the sweatshirt check out her custom prints of her chalk designs; you can find everything from Christmas to spring-themed! And you can pick up a custom personalized ornament. Listen to Chalk Boss on Side Hustlers.


I could make an entire gift guide on this store alone. Alair is a gift shop based in West Seattle but you can order the goods from anywhere. Shop greeting cards that are unique and fun, notebooks and journals, prints, mugs, glasses, dish towels, clothing, candles, books, and SO MUCH MORE. When you shop you may even recognize some of the models. Listen to Alair on Side Hustlers.

Happy Box

Created by sisters after one of them couldn't find a good gifting service to send her sister a care package, Happy Box is now one of my FAVORITE items to gift! This is perfect for the person you won't be seeing in person this holiday season. Shop their site for all of the items you want to add to a box and choose the pretty box you want the items to be wrapped in. It's also just as great of a gift for the person you'll be seeing this holiday season. I love it for a boss, co-worker, or grab bag as well! Listen to Happy Box on Side Hustlers.

Dina's Kiss and Makeup

My go-to salon for my hair color from pink to blonde and makeup is Dina's Kiss and Makeup. While Dina does sell her own makeup at her salon in Seacaucus, New Jersey and online, the latest craze has been her candles! When she had to close her salon during quarantine Dina began making candles and people become OBSESSED. Where else can you find a candle that you want to eat! Shop standard candles or candles that look like cappuccinos and birthday cakes!

Laura Burkhart Art

A unique piece of woodwork or a painting is an amazing gift. Laura Burkhart's art is by far my favorite and there is so much to choose from. There is also limited holiday-themed artwork like this starburst ornament which also comes in metallic. I have so much of Laura's art but one of my faves is my tree-topper. Listen to Laura's episode of Side Hustlers.


Shop handmade homewares from Henri Co. and you're guaranteed to give a unique gift. You can ordere a custom ceramic set here, shop already made ceramics here, or order prints here. Yeah, Tawni somehow created all of these pieces of art in Seattle while being a stay-at-home-mom to three children. Listen to Henri Co. on Side Hustlers.

Constellation & Co

If you've ever browsed the card aisle and felt like you couldn't find a card that truly expressed your feelings then you've never shopped Constellation & Co. Find cards with sayings that are everything from quirky to real. Use them as your holiday greeting cards OR pro tip buy someone a handful of cards as a gift. Cards are the one thing we always remember we need last minute so it makes a thoughtful gift! Listen to Constellation & Co on Side Hustlers.

The Tubby

The Tubby is not just any glass, it's the coolest glass they'll ever own. It's perfect for drinking beer, wine, scotch, vodka, tequila, and ice cream. It's really great for everything. It's 16oz but it's not super tall which means it won't get knocked over very often (shout out to my fellow clumsy people!) Listen to The Tubby on Side Hustlers.

Kula Cloth

You don't need to understand what it is but the adventurer on your list needs a Kula Cloth. It's a anti-microbial pee cloth! It's great anyone who hikes, camps, or spend a lot of time outdoors. If you're a woman and you've tried to pee on a hike you know the struggle is real. Listen to Kula Cloth on Side Hustlers.


You will not find a gift like philoSophie's anywhere. Custom stationary, cards, mugs, candles, pillows, pillows, keychains, ornaments, and so much more! Order custom stationary so they can start their year off organized! Listen to philosophies on Side Hustlers!

Hometown Hello

Shop handmade and custom ornaments, coasters, and mugs from Hometown Hello. Rachel is based in Hoboken, NJ so you'll see a lot of products created for Hoboken but you can completely customize to your location. These make a great personal gift; choose from their city name, zipc ode, even a design of their home printed on their coaster or ornament. For my mom's birthday I got her a custom "Momma Marie" mug and the quality was amazing!

Port and Polish

You don't have to be 90 to need a pillbox! I have so many vitamins my Port and Polish pillbox actually makes me feel cool rather than like a grandma. The pillbox comes in white, pink, navy, or black and is so sleek. Makes a great gift for the health-conscious person on your list. Listen to Port and Polish on Side Hustlers.

flora & phrase

The perfect gift for the snarky person on your list is a print from flora & phrase. Each print is mounted to a piece of wood and has a dried flower pressed on the print. There are also sentimental and inspirational quotes but this one below is my favorite and it hangs in my kitchen! Listen to flora & phrase on Side Hustlers.

Cake Kernals

You've probably got someone on your list who has "everything" but I bet they don't have CAKE KERNALS. It's only the tastiest popcorn you will ever have. My favorite is birthday cake. YES, birthday cake popcorn. Cake Kernals are handmade in North Carolina but you can order from anywhere in the USA! It makes a great gift to the hostess too! Listen to Cake Kernals on Side Hustlers.

Made By Erica

I've been a fan of the prints and tote bags from Made by Erica but I am now OBSESSED with the new line of holiday ornaments. Shop badass women life Frida Kahlo, RBG, Marilyn Monroe and so many more. Listen to Made by Erica on Side Hustlers.

Seatown Sweets

My FAVORITE cookies in THE WORLD. I've had Seatown Sweets make custom cookies for so many occasions but my favorite were my National Park-themed birthday cookies. Not only does Kayla make the cutest cookies but they taste incredible. If you live in Washington you can order custom cookies as a great gift for the host of the party/boss/co-worker/your own part. But my favorite thing to come out of quarantine is the DIY Cookie decorating kit and it's available to anyone anywhere. Choose from Christmas or Hanukkah themed and decorate your own cookies. The best part? Even if they look terrible after you ice them they still taste as amazing as they would if Kayla decorated them! I love the kit to do pre-holiday, ON Christmas, or as a gift to send prior to Christmas. Listen to Seatown Sweets on Side Hustlers.

Cutie Ties

Can you ever have enough bow ties for your pet? NO. Choose from a variety of bowties for the dog or cat on your list. The owner of Cutie Ties, Steven, takes money from each purchase to help a pet fight cancer whose family can't afford the treatment! Listen to Cutie Ties on Side Hustlers!

Ugly Yellow House

Where else can you get a mask that matches your pet's bowtie?! Ugly Yellow House originated as a handmade pet and human bowtie company but once they saw the need for masks they began to make them and they became a HUGE hit. Shop quality masks and pet bowties from this West Seattle based company. Listen to Ugly Yellow House on Side Hustlers.

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