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Comfy Crop, zip up, and leggings!

I am ALL about the comfort these days. I don't care how cute something is, if it's not comfortable it's not for me. With Savvi I never have to choose cute OR comfort, it's always both! Here are a few of my favorite Savvi finds!

Crop tops here, crop tops there, crop tops everywhere. Like em or not, crop tops are here to stay. One of my all-time favorite crop tops is the Koko Crop from Savvi, it's SO comfortable. You can dress it up (I did in Scottsdale for my sister's bachelorette), wear it to work out, or for WFH. I am wearing a medium in Coral (which is currently not available).

My pants are the Koza leggings in Emerald and they are best described as "cloth air". Because they truly feel like air. While I don't workout in these I wear them for EVERYTHING else including writing blogs because I am wearing them in Slate Gray right now.

I was on the hunt for a new fleece this year since my teddy fleece from last year wasn't as cozy as I hoped. then Savvi announced the launch of their Amy 1/4 Zip and I was SOLD. If you are a fan of full zips, the Amy Full Zip can be found here!

The coziest of them all is the Amy 1/4 Zip! I got it coral which is such a fun color! Great for ski trips, hikes, or being cozy at home. The band on the bottom is tight (in a good way) so no air gets inside and you stay warm!

My Savvi workout gear is also super comfy. Love the Femme x 3 sports bra with removable pads (mine is Stone). And the Arroyo Shorts are great for running or any kind of activity!

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