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Gift Guide for Her

Taking you behind the curtain for a second, this is always the most-clicked gift guide we create. Is it because men are scouring the internet for any help they can get or because women are shopping for themselves? Either way, this is everything for the woman on your list from What's Trending and beyond!


Happy Box

Happy Box is a great gift whether it's for a BFF, a new co-worker, a friend near, or a friend far! You can curate a gift box made up of different items OR choose from one of Happy Box's curated boxes! They also have an entire portion of their business built for corporate gifting so if it's your job to find gifts for the whole office THIS is your place!!



I have been renting clothes for about three years but I recently started renting with Armoire and I LOVE IT! It's a great way to try designer styles at an affordable price. I rented the dress in the photo above for my sister's baby shower! Armoire makes a great gift because you don't have to know their style or size! The Seattle-based company ships everywhere! Right now if you buy yourself or someone else a subscription you'll get 50% off the first month and two free items when you use code "thecarlamarie"


The Wav Room

An amazing gift for the music lover. The Wav Room takes an artist's album and prints the image of the audio file for each song. There are several artists and albums to choose from!


Courant Charger

Most people have more than one device that they need to charge and Courant had great devices that can multi-charge without looking ugly! They are sleek and look great in your home. This specific charger is awesome because you can charge AND FaceTime at the same time!


Little Words Project

I've been featuring Little Words Project in my gift guides for 10 years at this point so that should tell you enough! These bracelets are THE BEST gifts for the woman in your life whether she's your bestie or someone you barely know! Choose from so many different words and styles and even create custom bracelets. Use code: cmholiday for 15% off your order! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!


Wear by Erin Andrews

I cannot express how HAPPY I am that Wear by Erin Andrews exists. When it comes to representing your favorite sports team women have had to choose from poor-fitting men's clothes or pink and sequin gear and it was just not the best. Erin Andrews created her OWN collection with the NFL and I am OBSESSED! Everything FITS awesome and it's styled FOR women. It's great for me when wearing Seahawks gear on camera - I get SO many compliments! Shop for gear from a bunch of different teams!


Stanley Tumbler

If you scroll through Instagram or TikTok you are guaranteed to see someone posting with their Stanley Tumbler. It's 40 ounces, keeps hot drinks hot for seven hours, cold drinks cold for 11 hours, and iced drinks stay iced for TWO days! It's handle is great for people on the go and the bottom fits into a cup holder! Stanley recently revamped the tumbler in September so this version is the latest! It comes in a variety of colors! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!


The Beachwaver

I've been using The Beachwaver to curl my hair for about 10 years and have heard wonderful things from so many women who have bought themselves one! I use the .75, the one inch, and the 1.25 to curl my hair but my go-to is the one inch and that is the size I recommend for most people. There are a few colors to choose from as well but they all do a great job! And here's a video on how to use The Beachwaver.

Love and Wonder Co.

I love gifting accessories because you don't need to worry about someone's size and personally, I don't normally buy myself accessories so it's nice to get them as gifts! Love and Wonder Co. has earrings and hair clips that are perfect for women of all ages! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!


Card Subscription

I love gifts that HELP someone...if you have a person in your life who is always running to get a card last minute you need to get the Katie Belle Co.'s monthly card subscription! They'll receiving a new greeting card every month to use as they please! Use code carlamarie for 15% off your first month of a card subscription and other items! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!


Versed Beauty

I love these beauty products! They are simple and work great! Versed beauty makes a great stocking stuffer and/or gift for the beauty lover in your life!



The perfect time of year to buy organizational products is NOW as people get ready to set their New Year's Resolutions. I have been using their Dashboard Deskpad and it has helped me SO much! Ink+Volt has other organizational products as well! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!



The BEST way to wash and exfoliate your body is a LuvScrub. It lathers so nice and it's nice like a luffa so it doesn't harbor any germs. I throw mine in the wash! One year for Christmas I got one for all the women in my family and they loved it! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!



You cannot go wrong with ANY product from Megababe. I personally love their Thigh Rescue which is for chafing. But that's obviously a personal thing to buy someone. There's body scrub, body lotion, deodorant, and so much more. My favorite scent is all of their Rose products! *Makes a great White Elephant gift!


This is Joyful

LOVE this sweatshirt for a new aunt OR a way to tell your sister they're going to be an aunt! Choose from different fonts and wording!


Little Shop of Pins

This shop has incredible pins from Barbie to Star Wars that are a great Hanukkah gift, stocking stuffer, or gift topper!

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