Gift Guide: For Her

I have something from every company on this list, it's full of my favorite things. It's the perfect list for the woman in your life who has everything. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I make a percentage from the sale when you shop!

Little Words Project

Little Words Project bracelets have been the go-to gift for every woman in my life for YEARS. A cute, feel good, gift that can be customized? Name something better! Little Words Project has a variety of designs, colors, and words to choose from but you can also customize a bracelet. I have way too many words to name but some of my personal faves are: brave, be original, hustle, and badass. The point of the bracelets are to pass them along to someone you believe needs the word in their life. (Or keep them forever!) I have early access to their Black Friday sale, use code: BFQ6MJ for 25% - if you are reading this after Black Friday use code CM for 15% off!

Lana Rae Handmade

The best place to shop for the accessory lover on your list. Shop hand sewn leather bags of all shapes and sizes. I have a leather back pack that holds my laptop and I love it for when I have to go to meetings, work from a coffee shop, or am just on the go! Use code carlamarie for 15% off your entire order!

The Beachwaver

The best hairstyling tool ever made. I have been using Beachwaver products for eight years and have gotten them as gifts for every woman in my life. Use code carlamariewave for 10% off your entire order. For reference, my go-to Beachwaver is the 1-inch.

Happy Box

*whispers* if you aren't the best gift giver...this is where you need to shop. Happy Box sells curated gift boxes so you really don't have to do anything but click "add to cart." If you want to build a box from scratch you can do that too! Select the items you want to add to the box and create a great gift. Happy Box gives you the ability to "hold" your order so you can shop now and select when you want it to arrive! There's also an option to add a customized video so when they get the gift they can scan a QR code and watch a video of you! These are my favorite gifts to give! And if you work for a company that gives corporate gifts they have a corporate gifting program!

Mocca Shots

The gift for the woman in your life that's always on the go (odds are, that's all of them). I personally have been using Seattle Gummy Company's Mocca Shots for almost two years! After finding out I was allergic to coffee beans I needed to find a caffeine replacement...after months of searching I finally found their gummy Mocca Shots! SGC also has Immunity gummies, Slumber Shots (for sleeping), beauty gummies, and more! These make a great stocking stuffer! Use code CMA for 15% off sale items

Love and Wonder Co.

I love gifting accessories because you don't need to worry about someone's size and personally, I don't normally buy myself accessories so it's nice to get them as gifts! Love and Wonder Co. has headbands, earrings, and hair clips that are perfect for women of all ages!

Katie Belle Co.

The best holiday sweatshirts! My mom and I both have Christmas sweatshirts from Katie Belle Co. but I also have fall and Halloween crews that I love. Shop for gifts or for your own holiday attire! Katie Belle Co. always has really cute holiday prints that make great gifts! Use code carlamarie for 15% off!

The Joyful Co.

Give her the gift of organization and positivity! There is no better time to gift someone a notepad than for the start of a new year! Joyful Co. has a variety of daily and weekly notepads to choose from! And to make it a perfect gift pair one of my favorite mugs with the notepad! A little reminder that THESE are the good old days!

Crossbody Phone Wallet Case

This case has completely transformed my life. I originally ordered it when I went to Disney World because I didn't have pockets in my shorts and didn't want to hold my phone or a purse. I wanted to WEAR my phone! Not only can you wear your phone but it has a wallet! The crossbody phone wallet case comes in a few different colors and for various phone sizes! This might be the coolest gift!

Alair Gift Shop

Alair is my local go-to gift shop but you can shop from anywhere!! There are legit a million different things to shop. Find Ted Lasso, Schitt's Creek, and The Office themed gifts! Alair has the BEST greeting cards and one of my favorite gifts to give are BLANK greeting cards cause it's the one thing we all need and always forget to buy! Plus you can shop Alair's sister-store, Dylan for clothing!


The best place to shop for the person on your list who lives comfortable yet stylish clothes. Rollick has everything from shirts, to beanies, to stackers, to skirts!

HOMS Seattle

Created by University of Washington punter, Race Porter, the collection is an ode to the importance of mental health. HOMS = Heart on my Sleeve and each shirt showcases three hearts; a full heart, a half-broken heart, and a broken heart. Their collection is full of men’s, women’s, and unisex gear. I shopped for my niece and cousin and they both LOVE their shirts!

Wired By ALP

Some of my favorite jewelry pieces of jewelry are from Wired by ALP. Shop bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Wired by ALP started with initial wired rings before expanding but you can still shop custom rings for people on your list!

Port and Polish

It may seem crazy to tell you to gift a pill box but it's the world's first cool pill box! I have been a fan of Port and Polish years and love how they've transformed your grandma's pillbox to actually be cool! The perfect gift for the healthy vitamin-taker on your list!

Nordy Made

Nordic inspired jewelry made in Seattle for any woman on your list! I have shopped for my mom and Danielle Monaro from Elvis Duran Show (and obviously myself!)


No matter the type of drinker they are you'll find something for her at BruMate. Loves his water? The ReHydration bottle is my favorite water bottle of all time. Loves her wine? Shop wine tumblers and winesulators (they hold an entire bottle of wine). Use code CM at checkout for 15% off!


Urban Lifestyle by Derek Jensen

The perfect gift for the teenager on your list! Shop trendy and comfy sweatshirts, funny cards, and jewelry!

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