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Growth Week Live is Legit

I don't know about you but I have felt so overwhelmed lately. Every time I think I get into a groove and get this business owner thing figured out something else gets added to my plate.

Between Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, SEO, TikTok, press, email marketing, and the thousand other things you’re told to do as an online entrepreneur…how do you figure out what's a priority AND what is the best for YOUR business?

One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is making your own flexible hours but that goes right out the window when you have to spend all of that extra time trying chase an algorithm.

Growth Week Live is here to save the day.

Some of the most strategic, successful brains in the industry are coming together to give you tactical advice on what TRULY works. And I'm one of them!! I will be speaking about Twitch for businesses in my presentation, "Taking on Twitch: Secrets to Live-streaming Success" on Tuesday November 2nd and 9am PT//12pm ET! I am on of FORTY FIVE speakers in the week-long event. Ahead of Growth Week I am giving everyone a heads up to download my FREE Twitch Lingo Guide so you have a heads up on what I am talking about during my presentation!

➡️ Sign up for Growth Week here

It’s 100% free, but will 100% lead to some major business growth aha moments. Guaranteed. If you can't watch all of the presentations live there is an option to purchase an All Access Pass (you'll have access to every presentation for life). There is also a VIP Pass you can purchase for access to every presentation for life as well as templates and your chance to win some amazing opportunities like a one-one-one session with me and Anthony to help set up your Twitch channel!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the presentations I am most excited to watch:

✨ How to Become the #1 Podcast (& build a 2M+ community) with Tori Dunlap

✨ $75M+ in Email Revenue with Chase Dimind

✨ Marketing Lessons from the Big Brands with Mario Moreno

✨ Enneagram & Entrepreneurship with Kristi Rowles

#ByeByeBossBabe with Jessica Khouri

It's going to be awesome. Don’t have your free ticket yet? Save your seat here.

ps. Here's the info about my presentation!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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