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I Got My Eyelashes Permed

Long lashes are something I’ve always wanted. My eyelashes kind of stuck straight out. If you wanted to see my lashes at all, I needed to use a lash curler. About 10 months ago I began using Rodan and Fields Lash Serum and HOLY CRAP did they grow BUT they still stuck straight out. When I used mascara and curled them they looked wonderful but I really don’t *enjoy* wearing makeup. 

Earlier this year I met Tiffany and she changed my lash game FOREVER. I had began doing my podcast, Side Hustlers, where I sit down with people who follow a passion aside from their regular job. Tiffany emailed me when she heard about the podcast to let me know she not only had a side hustle but that it was now her regular job! Tiffany owns Sweet P Beautyin Renton, Washington. ((Listen to her episode of Side Hustlers here.))

Sweet P Beauty does everything from makeup to waxing and lash extensions! I had no idea what a Lash Lift was until Tiffany asked me if I wanted to come to Sweet P Beauty to try one! A Lash Lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes! It sounds crazy, because it is BUT in a good way! 

I’ve had two so far this year and I’m obsessed. It lasts for almost three months! The lashes get lifted from the root to give your eyes a more open look. Under eye pads are applied to keep your bottom lashes and skin protected from the other products. You have to keep your eyes closed for 30 minutes which is a perfect for a nap!

During your nap, silicone rods are glued to your eyelids with a water soluble medical grade glue (for the record, this sounds scary but it’s not, I didn’t even know that’s what happened until after getting it done twice). That same glue is use to adhere the lashes to the silicone rod. A lifting solution is added to the base of your lashes and then removed. This is the perm part! It actually smells like a perm! Then a setting solution is added and removed and finally lash tint is added and removed. The tint makes a huge difference on my lashes, if you don’t want them tinted you don’t have to get it done. Once the products are are removed the silicone rod comes up and VOILA you look like a doe-eyed princess. Everyone asks if it hurts, it doesn't!

I’m obsessed with this treatment and you will be too. Tiffany told me guys get this done, especially before their weddings! It’s $85 and it lasts for a long time plus you’ll most likely save money on mascara!

Tiffany is the genius behind Sweet P Beauty

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