The Side Hustlers Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The holiday gift guide compiled of badass hard workers who create cool sh*t.

Over the last few years I've fallen in love with putting together holiday gift guides. I know how stressful it can be shopping for family and friends, it often takes the fun out of the holidays. I've curated a gift guide based off of the guests I've had on my Side Hustlers podcast. It's full of people who are currently side hustling and people who have turned their side hustle into their full time job. There are tons of great discounts from wonderful people following their passion! Happy Shopping!

Little Words Project: Adriana Carrig is the beautiful soul who created Little Words Project. I've been obsessed with these bracelets for years and have gifted every female in my life with at least one of them. The idea is is the wearer of the bracelet registers the bracelet with it's individual number and then passes the bracelet along when they feel they meet someone who needs the word more than they do. A feel good cute gift? Can't go wrong! Use code: carlamarie for 15% off! Listen to Adriana's episode of Side Hustlers!

Alair Seattle: This is your one stop shop for ALL of your gifts! Don’t know what to get your grab bag pick from the office? You’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift at Alair. You’ll find something for everyone from your mom to your brother’s new girlfriend. The owner, Shandon, hand picks every single item sold in store and she’s got an entire section of items created by people who have been on Side Hustlers. Like Little Words Project, Wax Cabin Candle Co, LAW Beauty Essentials, RSVLTS clothes, and more! Use code carlamarie online or mention me at the store to get 20% off! Listen to Shandon’s episode here!

Port and Polish: Normally no one= would recommend a pill box as a gift but when it's the cutest thing's a great gift! Megan created Port and Polish because she was so over the obnoxious and ugly pill boxes we were forced to use. Whether you're shopping for the health conscious 20 year old who needs ah cute place for all of her vitamins or your've got the cutest gift! Listen to Megan's episode of Side Hustlers.

Happy Box: This gift box was created by two sisters, Ariel and Hannah. If you're looking for a gift to send your long distance BFF this is perfect. Build your box from scratch with goodies like face masks, candles, lipstick, earrings, bath bombs, and more! Use code: carlamarie at checkout! Listen to Ariel and Hannah's episode here.

Wax Cabin Candle Co.: These candles smell amazing and that statement comes backed by my entire family because they all ordered the custom Side Hustlers candle Jennifer created! They're handmade in New Jersey! You can still purchase the Side Hustlers candle BUT they're all wonderful and pretty. Use code carlamarie at checkout and listen to Jennifer's episode of Side Hustlers here!

Ombraz Sunglasses: If there’s someone on your list who has everything, I bet they don’t have these! Ombraz Sunglasses were created by two guys who realized regular sunglasses weren’t ideal for those of us who live to be active outdoors. They fall off of our faces, break easily, and aren’t comfortable. Omrbaz Sunglasses stay on your head using a cord rather than arms. I am obsessed with my pair. Plus they plant 20 trees for every pair sold. Use code carlamarie at checkout 15% off or click here to have it automatically applied to your order! Listen to Jenson and Nickolai’s episode of Side Hustlers.

Boxed Home Decor: Who wouldn't want a monthly subscription box of home decor with a farm house vibe?! Julie builds each box with her daughters in Utah. This makes a great gift for anyone or for your self! Julie has also teamed up with a friend to deliver custom made binded books and I'm obsessed. Use code carla marie at checkout! Listen to Julie's episode of Side Hustlers here.

Sweet P Beauty: If you live in Washington get the ladies on your list a gift card to Sweet P Beauty! I go to Tiffany to get my lashes lifted and tinted but she also offers makeup, waxing, lash extensions, and more! If you mention me now through the end of the year you’ll get $10 off a Lash Lift! Head here to listen to Tiffany’s episode of Side Hustlers.

Midwest Best Grooming Co.: This one is for the dudes! Midwest Best Grooming Co is a beard balm company created by dudes with beards. Tim and Fred hated the beard balms that were out there but wanted to keep their beds looking fresh, so they created their own! Use code carlamarie at checkout for 30% off!. ps. if you live in the Cleveland area checkout Fred’s brewery, Bascule Brewery. Listen to their episode of Side Hustlers here.

The Chalk Boss: This is a unique gift idea! Katie, aka Chalk Boss, is insanely talented. She does custom-made chalk designs for any of life’s greatest moments. New baby, weddings, storefront signs, and more! Reach out to her for custom designs or shop her Etsy store for some of her work! Listen to Katie’s episode of Side Hustlers here!

LAW Beauty Essentials: This nail polish company was created by Tanisha Lawrence, a flight attendant who had the passion to be creative and start something new. Tanisha always enjoyed getting her nails done so she decided to launch a nail polish company! These make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your BFF! Listen to Tanisha's episode of Side Hustlers here.

You-nicorn Book: This is a perfect gift for an grab bag, white elephant, or stocking stuffer! You-Nicorn: 30 days to find your inner unicorn and live the life you love is INCREDIBLE. Danielle Vincent delivers a self help book that feels like your best friend/kindergarten teacher is walking you through toughest part of life. Listen to Danielle's super motivational episode of Side Hustlers here.

Fleur 333: We all have someone on our list who loves everything beauty. Fleur 333 is perfect! Melissa hand makes everything in California and it's all natural! Face oil, toner, massage oils and more! Listen to Melissa's episode of Side Hustlers here!

RSVLTS: John and Stephen launched the RSVLTS originally as a men's lifestyle blog but it spiraled into a nostalgia pop culture closing company which has gone viral. Whether you've got a Sandlot fan, Home Alone fan, or all around stylish dude on your list this is the place to shop. There's gear for ladies too! Use code carlamarie20 for 20% off. Listen to my episode of Side Hustlers with John and Stephen here!

Mahalo Made: If you live in the Phoenix area you know that Mahalo Made is a Japanese sale shaved-ice truck created by La, an iHeartRadio DJ on 104.1 KISS FM. While not all of us can enjoy the shaved ice we can enjoy the comfy merch! I'm the proud owner of a shaved ice pins but rumor has it the hoodies and tees are super comfy! Mahalo is the Hawaiian word used for thanking someone or to be thankful. Listen to La's episode of Side Hustlers here.

She Club Monthly: We’ve all got that badass hardworking babe in our lives (hell, it may even be you!) She Club Monthly is a monthly subscription box for the hard-working female. Jessica DeBry launched the company for “Female Side Hustle Entrepreneurs” She’ll get items to get her organized, access to digital training, and more! Use code carlamarie at checkout. Listen to Jessica’s episode of Side Hustlers here.

philoSophie's: Whether you need your own custom holiday cards or want to gift someone with the ultimate custom stationary philosophies' are the best! Joanna hand-draws every design! This is a unique and memorable gift for someone! A stack of their very own custom thank you cards or stationary! Even an ornament!

Stranded Adventure Co: Never know what to get that outdoorsy person in your life? Clothing from Stranded Adventure Co will save the day! Casey launched this clothing line because he fell in love with the outdoors. It's unique, comfortable, and 10% is donated to the National Park Fund! Listen to Casey’s episode of Side Hustlers here.

Sea B. Swimwear: Chelsea Barber created Sea B. Swimwear because she was obsessed with bathing suits and, like most of us, knows the struggle of bathing suit shopping so she wanted to create something women would feel comfortable wearing! Listen to Chelsea's episode of Side Hustlers!!

Sonia Hou Jewelry: You may have seen some of Sonia Hou's pieces worn by figure skaters during the Olympics! Her jewelry is unique and great quality. After all, if it's good enough for Olympians it's good enough for the rest of us! Listen to Sonia's episode of Side Hustlers here.