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The Host and Couple Gift Guide

If you are shopping for a combined gift for a couple it can sometimes be difficult to find something that works for both of them. And if you're going to someone's home for a holiday gathering it's not polite to show up empty-ended (said everyone's mom). This list helps you find the best couple and host gifts from What's Trending and beyond!

Hometown Hello

This one is my favorite gift for the host/hostess or a couple! Hometown Hello makes custom hand-crafted decor that can be everything from a stocking tag, to a tree ornament, to a gift topper! I ordered custom stocking tags for our stocking as you can in the photo above! There are custom glass cups and mugs but I really love the custom ornament with an outline of their ACTUAL house. I got it for my godmother and she LOVES it!


Lula's Garden

It's not just a succulent, it's a succulent garden! Lula's Garden has a variety of succulent collections!


That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life

I have this book and LOVE it. Whether you are going to their house for the holidays OR if they love to host this is the perfect gift for them! It breaks down how to build a charcuterie board basically using a "paint by number" system!


Wooden Ornament

I have a wooden tree topper from PNW artist, Laura Burkhart which I highly recommend. But people may be picky about their tree toppers so you can get them this wooden ornament! It comes in other finishes as well! *makes a great white elephant


Sackcloth and Ashes Blanket

A Sackcloth and Ashes blanket make a great gift for a host or couple! They are throw blankets that come in different styles so you can match your gift to their home. And with every blanket purchased Sackcloth and Ashes will donate one to a homeless shelter in YOUR community. Wherever the blanket is purchased is where it's donated! You can shop from them directly or you can shop from Alair Seattle and support two small businesses at once! *makes a great white elephant


DKM Candles

DKM candles smell SO good! There are holiday and non holiday scents. I LOVE Get Lit but Stolen Hoodie is also amazing. *makes a great white elephant


Art of Sucre Cotton Candy

Art of Sucre has the BEST cotton candy I have EVER had. They also make cotton candy glitter bombs which you drop into champagne and other drinks. These are awesome to pair with champagne as a gift for the host/hostess! *makes a great white elephant gift.



Goldbelly is one of my favorite services. You can order food directly from restaurants ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Yes, the country. If you want deep dish pizza from Chicago? All yours! Cookies from Seattle? Have at it! A Philly cheesesteak from Philly?! YES!!! And you're not just ordering from random places, you are ordering from well-known businesses! Get them a gift card so they can eat whatever they want! Great for host/hostess or for a couple! *makes a great white elephant


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