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The Kid Gift Guide

Now that Carla Marie is a great Aunt and has a new niece or nephew on the way, she's got her eye on so many kid and baby gifts! This will help you be the COOL aunt/uncle/cousin with everything from What's Trending and beyond!

SoftZone Climb

I love researching gifts for kids and not just buying them random toys. This set of soft cushions was highly rated so I bought it for my great nephew last Christmas. He was only one at the time and he LOVED it! He would climb them and move them on his own! It's a great way for kids to build strength, bounce around, and learn shapes!



Kids don't normally love getting clothes for Christmas but they'll LOVE getting this Paw Patrol shirt from RSVLTS! Code CMA20 gets 20% off for first time customers! There are other sizes to choose from!



It seems silly but I got a Billbo for my great nephew and he LOVES it! I searched for toys that were good for two year olds and this came up - it helps kids use their brain to figure out different ways to play! My nephew stands on it, spins in it, puts it on his head, and more!


Crayola Bath Slime Soap

You can't be the cool aunt or uncle if you didn't get them something messy! Luckily it's for the bath! This Crayon Slime is fun to play with and it's soap!


Yoto Player

This is a great gift for the kid on your list! It's basically a cassette tape player but geared towards learning. There are cards that can placed into the player and will play different audio - everything from songs, to learning languages, to relaxation music. There's no camera, no ads, and it teaches kids to be independent.

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