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The Pet Parent Gift Guide

From What's Trending and beyond, this gift guide will help you shop for the dog or cat parent on your list and gifts for their fur babies too!

The Litter-Robot

Truly the greatest item I own! The Litter-Robot eliminates scooping from a cat parents' life! One Litter-Robot works for up to four cats. I had so much fun creating videos for Litter-Robot like the one above!


Cat Tower

It's not a regular cat tower, it's a cool cat tower. I know it's important for cats to have places to climb but I HATED the look of regular carpeted cat trees. Then I found this one from Whisker (the same company at Litter-Robot) and fell in love. My cats are OBSESSED and it looks nice in my house!



A plant is not normally something you'd get for a home with pets because so many plants can be harmful to pets. But Bloomscape has a category specifically for pet-friendly plants! Pet parents will love this because so many of us keep our homes plant-free because of the harm it could cause to our fur babies!



It's like putting a Tile or AirTag on your pet's collar but better! If your pet goes missing and someone scans the QR code on the Bytetag hanging from their collar they'll get a screen like the one above with ALL of your contact info as well as information about your dog. I got them for the dogs in my family!


Custom Air Freshener

If there's one thing a per parent loves it's photos of their pet. You can take those photos and turn them into air fresheners and other items like coasters, mouse pads, puzzles, and more!


Beef Cheek Rolls

My niece SWEARS by these for her dog, she said if she gives him one he chews on it ALL day long!


Sparkle Balls

My favorite cat family on Instagram is @JoyandTreasure! They have the cutest videos but they also sell the best cat toys! My cats LOVE their Sparkle Balls! But their ciabatta toy is also a fan fave in our house!


Real Fur Cat Toy

It's definitely a little jarring when you first see this toy on your floor but my cats go NUTS over it!! They literally scream with it in their mouth like it's real prey that they caught. They bring it to me as if they've caught it for me! You can find it at a few places but All The Best Pets is a local store in Seattle and they ship!


Little Words Project

The perfect gift for the cat mom or dog mom on your list! Shop their Cat Mom, Fur Mom, or Dog Mom bracelets. You also have the option to completely customize a bracelet to any color or use their pet's name! Use code: cmholiday for 15% off your order!


Gift Boxes!

MeowBox for the cats and BarkBox for the dogs! They are two different companies that specialize in subscription boxes for pets! These make awesome gifts for pet owners!


Pet Squeak Toys

My sister is about to have a baby and is worried about her dog needing attention so I searched for some of the best toys for dogs and came across this one! It's supposed to keep your dog engaged and distracted!


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