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I finished decorating my home!

It's been about a year since I closed on my very first home and it took about that time to finish decorating. People often ask me what I wish I knew going into buying my first home and to be honest, I was completely prepared. I did a podcast with my Windermere Real Estate agent, Jessica James, as I was house hunting so I learned A LOT. What I wish I knew about the home buying process has nothing to do with the actual home buying's the after part. Do you know how expensive furniture is? And how long it takes to get furniture delivered?! Who knew!? But I really did have the best time decorating my home and making it a place I LOVE to spend my time. I wanted my bedroom to be a Pacific Northwest Wonderland...and it is. I wanted to have a pink couch...and I do! No more this tour of my home!

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