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Want to Be a Corporate America Escape Artist?

There is NO better way to start a brand new year than with my very talented friend, Keita Williams. Keita is the founder and Chief Strategist of Success Bully, an elite accountability practice. What does that mean? Keita holds your ass accountable so you reach your life goals. While Keita does have paid programs she is offering a FREE, 5-Day, challenge to kick off 2021.

This particular challenge is focusing on SIDE HUSTLERS and ESCAPING corporate America. If you have a side hustle or want to launch a side hustle this is the group for you. You can sign up for the FREE 5 Days of Focus Challenge here. I am pumped for this challenge as I have joined a previous challenges and truly learned so much about myself and how to focus on my goals. I was let go from my job a few weeks later so it though me off of my path. This is my time to reset on my new path and I hope you can join! The challenge kicks off Monday 1/11 at 1pm PST but if you can't join live you can totally go back and watch. The challenge is ran through a Facebook group and it's very easy to navigate! See you there!

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